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Fallen Soldiers   

For thos that don't know yet , one of the clan's good - good friends named " |-McAu-|_Divinchi " passed away after a car accident that him , his wife and thier five month old baby daughter were in while traveling back home from visiting family in canada. As of right now his wife is doing pretty good but thier daughter still has aways ahead of her sooo please keep them in your thoughts! Right now there is no date set for funeral arangements due too the fact that his wife and most thier family are all up there too be by the lil one's side and as soon as she gets a lil better and some of the family can get back too the states ill let everyone know when his funeral services will be and so on.. I will also be posting updates at the bottom of divs section here as they come in , soo please stay informed!

You Will Truly be Missed My Friend , Comrade & Fellow Gamer & I Promise You as Long as -h|g- is Here Your Section Here Will Never Come Down!

Div May be GONE but He Will NEVER be Forgotten!

Kevin Houlroyd


* A.K.A *

|-McAu-| Divinchi



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Top Scorers Random Game New Games
1 - Jump to scythe135's stats... scythe135
Number Of Wins : 9

2 - Jump to Nutsotron's stats... Nutsotron
Number Of Wins : 8

3 - Jump to nolan71's stats... nolan71
Number Of Wins : 3

4 - Jump to -h|g-Dema|CoS's stats... -h|g-Dema|CoS
Number Of Wins : 3

5 - Jump to Archelion's stats... Archelion
Number Of Wins : 2

6 - Jump to R.I.P  -  Div's stats... R.I.P - Div
Number Of Wins : 2

7 - Jump to TEQ_Snukka's stats... TEQ_Snukka
Number Of Wins : 1

8 - Jump to Axman|CoS's stats... Axman|CoS
Number Of Wins : 1

9 - Jump to ZANMAN22's stats... ZANMAN22
Number Of Wins : 1

High Score set by
Jump to scythe135... scythe135
with 752

Total Games 66
in 1 categories.





Latest High Scores
User Score Game Date
Jump to -h|g-Dema|CoS's stats...-h|g-Dema|CoS 8,300   acnebegone - acnebegone Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:34 pm
Jump to Axman|CoS's stats...Axman|CoS 2,000   5milestogo - 5milestogo Tue Aug 27, 2013 12:01 pm
Jump to -h|g-Dema|CoS's stats...-h|g-Dema|CoS 85   5carddraw - 5carddraw Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:10 am
Jump to scythe135's stats...scythe135 195   bombbandit - bombbandit Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:24 am
Jump to -h|g-Dema|CoS's stats...-h|g-Dema|CoS 75   ants - ants Sun Dec 25, 2011 2:21 am
Arcade Stats
Most Popular: bombjack with 28 plays. Least Popular: WOT_II_SpecOps with 0 plays.
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There are currently no games being played in the arcade.

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eagleeye 03:42:40
Tajek 12:44:52
Tentec 14:54:23
LeetWoodMac 16:27:18
Axman|CoS 18:11:08
backstabber|CoS 01 day
scythe135 01 day
PvtPile 01 day
D3rkaD3rka 02 days
MadMax 02 days
-h|g-Dema|CoS 03 days
Broken_Sword 01 week
GettaDUB 01 week
Archelion 02 weeks
Casey44 02 weeks
Chilly 02 weeks
Remz 02 weeks
RabidDawg 03 weeks
SpideyDiG 06 weeks
Nutsotron 07 weeks
WSummerbell 11 weeks
griflet 11 weeks
MrCrowley 12 weeks
ColPhoenix 13 weeks
Striker|CoS 13 weeks
GetErDone 13 weeks
SockCucker 14 weeks
Natedawg 14 weeks
-h|g-CptLusty 14 weeks
baraka 15 weeks
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